KN95 Mask for Sale

The current climate that we are living in creates a necessity for protection from potentially contaminating airborne particles. KN95 masks are one of the best pieces of personal protective equipment that have been regulated by a number of organizations.

The Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), have each shared their support for KN95 masks in this time of cirisis.

KN95 Mask for Sale FDA Approved

It can be difficult to find the most effective ways to combat airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other small, dangerous particles. One simple solution is the KN95 mask. This protective equipment plays a very important role in combatting dangerous airborne particles, though it is necessary to remember social distancing and other interventions that have been put in place by our federal and local governments.

KN95 Masks – What Are They?

KN95 masks are respirator masks. The difference between KN95 masks and N95 masks is that KN95 masks have been manufactured in China rather than the US. These devices have been made to fit loosely and are meant for one-time use. They should be disposed of once used.

They are made to create a protective barrier between the nose and mouth and the surrounding air, which can hold potential contaminants.

KN95 masks are similar to surgical masks, as they are also regulated. You should not share your KN95 masks with other users once you have used it.

It is important to note that these masks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. With that said, the basic design remains the same overall. KN95 masks have wonderful protective properties, though the amount of protection that one can provide will depend on its specific properties.

The thickness of a mask, for example, can have a major impact on how much protection it provides. A KN95 mask that is thicker will have more protection. Of course, that doesn’t come without downsides. A thicker KN95 mask might be more uncomfortable and harder to breathe with.

Wearing a KN95 mask correctly is the only way to truly take advantage of it. When worn correctly, they can help to block out sprays, splatters, splashes, and larger particle droplets. Airborne particles, such as the ones listed above, can contain viruses. Blocking them out before they reach your nose and mouth is extremely important.

Beyond protecting the individual wearer, a mask can help to protect the surrounding people as well.

Is My KN95 Mask Reusable?

No. Your KN95 mask must be discarded after it has been used to retain its effectivity. If your mask has been soiled or damaged in any way, then it should be thrown out and replaced immediately.

If you feel that your mask is difficult to breathe with, you should also throw it out.

KN95 Mask Design

KN95 masks are far more effective compared to surgical masks when blocking out large, potentially contaminating particles. KN95 masks are made out of ultra-thick materials that also work better to filter out smaller particles compared to standard surgical masks and they are a bit easier to breathe with.

There are three layers in your typical KN95 mask:

First Layer

The first layer or outer layer is composed of a soft, non-woven fabric. This layer is ultra-durable and provides the main source of protection. It works to block out larger airborne particles, such as pollen.

Second Layer

The second or middle layer is made out of soft-blown fabric. It sits behind the outer layer to filter out smaller particles, including dust, smog, and other germs.

Third Layer

The third layer or innermost layer is made up of a soft-woven fabric. This layer is not only there to filter out small particles, but it is also there to help avoid secondary pollution through its exhalation absorbing properties.

KN95 masks are separated by the number of layers that they use. As of now, you can either buy two, three, or four-ply KN95 mask designs.

The ear loops on KN95 masks are what make them more comfortable. These ear loops also provide extra security. We often hear that the biggest advantage of KN95 masks is the fact that they have a low-breathing resistance, making them an excellent choice for those who have respiratory issues, to begin with.

In terms of fit, they come with handy nose clips to provide a tight seal.

Ergonomic Fit + Tight Seal

KN95 masks provide users with both durability and flexibility. They come with obvious attachment points to make setup extremely easy and the fit is both comfortable and reliable.

The secured seal is perfect for protecting users from potentially harmful, small particles. Each KN95 mask comes with a nose piece that is easy to adjust and works in a customizable fashion to help optimize the seal between the face and the surrounding air.

KN95 Masks For Sale

We are very happy to announce that the FDA is currently allowing the use of Chinese KN95 masks. This a major step in the right direction for our federal government, as the use of KN95 masks will provide the public with better protection.

Before the FDA approved these KN95 masks, healthcare workers were limited to American-made N95 masks, though the supplies were incredibly limited. This meant that not all healthcare workers were receiving the proper protective equipment to keep them safe at work.

Of course, there isn’t anyone out there who needs protective equipment as much as those working in the healthcare sphere. This is why we are happy to announce that KN95 masks are becoming available.

Here at The Alchemist Magazine, our main goal is to provide our customers with all of the information that they need to make the right decisions when purchasing personal protective equipment for themselves and their families.

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